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Booking a Consultation

"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers."
- Thich Nhat Hanh-
Adorable grey powerful outdoor cat

NEW Reduced price on standard consultations for 2024!

I work both online and in-person. This gives me the flexibility to work with you, anywhere in the world.  

Most* consultations will receive a MP3 recording of our consultation time together.

I believe this work should be available to everyone regardless of your financial situation. If you’re currently struggling to make ends meet I have ways to work with you, please contact me.

Animal Communication, while it can be helpful to assist, is never a substitute for proper veterinary care. I am not trained in this field and don't treat or diagnose anything. 

If you manage or own an animal sanctuary or an animal rescue organisation, please get in touch with me as I can offer my services for free, to assist those animals and people most in need. ​

I am available to work with lost and missing animals.


I am able to work with animals in spirit. 

I am available for in-person consultations. Please contact me.

*Country dependent due to my consultation calling app.


  • Booking Calendar times are automatically converted to your local time zone. You do not need to work out the time conversion if we are in different time zones, the calendar will automatically convert to the time zone you are in when making the booking. 

  • When booking your appointment and filling out your information, please use the mobile/phone number you would like to use for the consultation. I will call your provided phone number at your booked consultation time. I can call you almost anywhere in the world. Some locations I cannot make a direct call to and we will need to have the call over WhatsApp (I will contact you directly if this is the case).

  • For an Animal Communication consultation I require a photo/s of your animal friend/s. After completing your booking you will receive a confirmation email. Please attach some photos to this email as a reply.


  • You can view Wild Voices privacy policy here.

  • All prices are in $AUD

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