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What is Animal Communication?

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"Between me and the smallest animal, the difference is only in manifestation, but as a principle he is the same as I am, he is my brother, he has the same soul as I have."
- Swami Vivekananda-

Animal Communication is a wonderful phenomenon naturally occurring in the world around us. As people are just as much a part of nature as the animals, we also have this ability to communicate with other species.  

When we think of communication, the first thing that comes to mind is our spoken language. However, this type of communication accounts for such a small percentage of real information exchanging. Most genuine information we send and receive comes from other silent means.

Interspecies Communication is completely silent and operates using all our senses together in what we call the Intuitive field. This is a very “felt” style of receiving information and is why Animal Communication is commonly missed or mistaken as being something else.

Often in consultations with people I receive information from their animals the people already “knew” but had discounted as being something they just made up. This is often not the case and just more evidence that there is always information moving around in the Intuitive field.

Of course, this all sounds foreign in our modern technologically advanced world, however, this is how all our ancestors lived and survived quite well in the wild. It is because of our wild roots that we are all still hardwired for this today.    



So how is Animal Communication Possible?


I like to think of Animal Communication like radio station transceivers. We are both radio receivers and transmitters, both sending and receiving. The animals are exactly the same, they can send and receive. However, if you were to just turn a radio on without tuning it to a specific station, you would not hear any music, and anything you send out on that radio frequency would only be heard by others with that exact station frequency.


More recent understandings of everything in our universe show that everything is made of energy. How that energy comes together, forms and vibrates will dictate what it is. As everything is an individual, everything has a unique energetic vibration, just like our fingerprints are unique.



This is how Interspecies Communication works, by energetically connecting with another being by tuning to their radio frequency (vibration), you can then send and receive information. It helps to be a more sensitive or empathic person, but as this is how the natural world communicates around us and humans are very much a part of that world, this is all very natural!! Our ancestors knew this very well and it was through these connections they were able to hunt, track and live very comfortable lives.



There are many applications for this way of living and Animal Communication is only one. Tribal people still rely on these skills to survive and we even see small parts of this in our modern world with our own pets and mothers with their babies -- Mother's Intuition. It all comes down to how strong our connection is with another and the world around us. If we learn to live more calm, quiet and purposeful lives, there is no limit to what we can learn or the good we can do.

What is Animal Communication?
Watch Now

The video above is an excerpt from the 512 Project where Jon Young shares through stories what I have spoken about above. Jon Young is a nature connection mentor and founder of the 8 Shields Institute.


The 512 Project is the culmination of Jon Young's life work. In 37 years of collaboration with trackers and cultural leaders from around the globe, Jon and his collaborators have distilled the essential Cultural Elements that connect people to people, to nature, and themselves.


I have both Jon Young's (8 Shields) and Calen Kennett's (Village Video) blessing to share this with you.

To see the rest of the video or to learn more about 8 Shields, 512 Project or the work Jon and Calen are doing, please click the links above. 

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