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George is a skilled and gifted animal communicator who has a true heart and passion for helping humans and animals to better understand each other. He is a person of deep integrity, honesty, kindness, and openheartedness, and is able to hear and translate for the animals clearly and accurately. It has been a privilege and a joy to work with George in my Professional Animal Communication Training program, and I highly recommend him and his work.

Nancy Windheart -

I have been working with Animal Communicators since 1995. Like George, they were all committed to animal welfare and accurate communication; they were compassionate and caring. Granted they were all efficient and helpful, but George has gone through rigorous training to be capable of communicating with animals. I mention this as a large part of that training required George to conduct significant introspective work, coming to know himself better. His self-knowledge directly impacts his work and he is vigilant not to INSERT his values, beliefs or judgements into the conversation. He keeps it clean reporting what the animal communicates. No more no less. 

George also parts company with other communicators with his commitment above and beyond the session. It is not unusual for George to think about people and their animals while he is working from outside of the communication session. Overall George’s way of being is so not American for me, and that is a very special treat.

Gwen S - New Mexico, USA

Dear George, 

Thank you so much for what you did for us this morning. You have no idea what you have done for me in helping me understanding the events of that day in 2017.

You are gold. As I process everything that was disclosed and confirmed today my grief is moving into deepest love and gratitude for my beautiful and brave little brown boy.

We are so grateful that you are in here in Jindabyne, and that your beautiful gift could bring so much comfort to this family.

Karen - Jindabyne, NSW, Australia 

Thank you, George, for speaking with my cat, Phoebe. What I saw as a fear of being outside and trying new things you understood so very accurately from Phoebe as intense energetic sensitivity. The simple act of telling her story has allowed a miraculous change in her behavior. Phoebe loves going outside now that she feels understood and supported. She has also cut back on her activity of stalking the other cats since your communication with us. Being able to understand Phoebe’s perspective and physical need for hunting allows me to modify our playtime so that she feels better satisfied as a hunter. I was so very impressed with your professionalism, your accuracy, and your ability to put both Phoebe and I at ease. Many thanks!


Lisa Pittman - Augusta, GA, USA

We are so thrilled that George is generously sharing his animal communication talents with the cats at our shelter. Entering a shelter is often a tremendously stressful experience for most cats. Having someone with George’s animal communication skills to offer comfort and reassurance to these cats can greatly ease their transition into this new setting. Sgt. Pepper was an older semi-feral tomcat who had spent the majority, if not all, of his life outdoors. When he came to us, he was nearly bald from a severe case of mange. For the first few months that he was with us, Sgt. Pepper would hide in the carrier in his cage and only come out at night to eat. When his mange was resolved and he was moved to the general population in our sanctuary, he again spent most of his time in a carrier in his cage even though his cage door was always open and he could come and go as he wished. Without any information from us, George was able to accurately describe Sgt. Pepper’s living conditions (the carrier within a cage with the doors open) and relay that Sgt. Pepper had no desire to venture from his cage at that time, but would eventually explore his new home when the time was right. George also was able to detect an old injury in Sgt. Pepper’s rear paw that we only discovered several weeks after George’s communication session when Sgt. Pepper finally ventured out of his cage and we were able to witness him walk across the room. Sgt. Pepper has slowly continued to explore his new home just as George said he would and he appears to grow more comfortable with each passing day. George’s communication with Sgt. Pepper was so helpful to both the cat and to those of us who work at the shelter - allowing all of us to have a better understanding of each other and make a potentially difficult introductory period pass easily and with very little stress.

Amy B - Venice, FL, USA

Although I was a bit nervous beforehand, during my consultation George immediately put me at ease with his warm and gentle approach. Not only did he give me closure for the death of my husband’s beloved cat: Annabelle, but he also affirmed and validated the deep emotional love and connection we shared in her physical life and continue to share in her afterlife.


One thing that stuck with me from the consultation was that Annabelle was contemplating coming back into my life since we had more to learn from each other, until then she continued to protect me like a shield (something she could only do in her world, not from a physical body); so George let me know that it would not be anytime soon. Shortly after this reading, I went on my nightly walk and a beautiful cat (who looked exactly like Annabelle) came to greet me on the sidewalk, rolling around in ecstasy. I knew that it was Annabelle with a message for me that she was close by.

Seven months later, on a whim, trusting my intuition, I adopted a cat named Ashley: we had an instant bond. I knew right away that Annabelle had come back to teach me more and boy has she ever! She is much more of a handful than in her original form but that is because I can tell she is more free to express herself with me and my husband, unlike her former family (my in-laws).

She is the most affectionate cat and has gotten even smarter in her time away (in the afterlife). We are intimately bonded and I am so grateful to George — without the closure from this reading, I would never have been able to let go and trust in the bond and love that we have for each other.


I recommend that everyone try this (Animal Communication) at least once. You may both laugh and cry as I did, but the amount of clarity and healing that you receive in return is invaluable.


Brianne - Canada 

When I asked George Wright to connect with my 16-year old cat , Lyric, I was looking for help in determining if Lyrrie wanted an animal companion. She lost her close friend cat a couple of years ago, and while I haven't yet recovered, I wanted to know if Lyric had recovered enough to welcome another animal companion into our house.

I asked George to communicate with Lyric, and had some doubts because Lyric can be very closed. When George and I talked about his results, I was moved and impressed by the quality of his work!
In particular, he absolutely got three critical points:

• He knew Lyric's personality, correctly assessing her as a cat who was shy, gentle but with strong opinions. But that she made those opinions, likes/dislikes, clear in a non-threatening way. She never scratched or hissed, but knew clearly how to set her boundaries in a quiet, gentle but firm way. Bravo!


• He was again correct when he said that Lyric told him that SHE was ok with a new animal companion, but wasn't sure if I/we would be. I have no doubt that this too is accurate. The challenge here is for me to believe what Lyric told George, but that has little or nothing to do with the quality of George's work. It has to do with me and my insecurities. But his communication gave me courage to take a step I've been hesitating to take. 


• Lastly, Lyric's preference, as told by her to George, for a "young cat" was sufficiently correct yet correctly vague. She was clear it was not a kitten she was seeking, but a "younger cat," leaving what that choice/meaning would be, up to me. But at least I had guidance from Lyric via George.


Finally when all is said and done, it's the person engaging the communicator that either acts on the information or not. In this case I felt deeply comfortable working with George.
He was open to discussing the process and results.
He was flexible without compromising the information he received and passed on.
He was courteous, open and very engaged.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. 

Kaleel SakakeenyPet Loss/Bereavement Counsellor, Boston, MA, USA

George is a gifted animal communicator and I found him to be a kind gentle person in general.  Only a few minutes into my consultation George was able to accurately depict my cat and dog’s personalities, their relationship with one another and their relationship towards each member of our family.  We have a daughter with Autism so it was interesting to hear how our young dog “Bonnie” felt the need to help guide her in play where I can now clearly see when watching them together.  George relayed a message that our cat “DJ” would enjoy spending more time inside if he had somewhere high to sit to have his own personal space and where he could watch the family and feel a little more less bothered by young playful Bonnie.  This made perfect sense as we knew he wanted to spend time inside with us however he always tended to be more comfortable outside.

It is comforting to know if our fur kids are happy, need help or have any messages to give us, thank you George for sharing your gift so we are able to care for our furry loved ones to the fullest.

Sue Campbell - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Hi George,


I just wanted to let you know that Sierra did something very unexpected today that she has never done before. My husband and son could not believe what they had just witnessed and a wave of relief came over them. This was a huge breakthrough for Sierra!


Apparently, your “conversation" with Sierra triggered something in her because, in our wildest dreams, we would not have expected this behaviour from her.  Whatever you said or conveyed to her helped in so many ways. I still can’t believe it!  Thank you so, so much! 


With so much gratitude for your brilliant work, I thank you again for what you did for Sierra!

Carla - Massachusetts, USA

I am very grateful to George and so happy that I came across him. I have been ill for some years and it is hard for me to attend to my dogs needs as much as I would like to. I was starting to think if maybe they would be better off with another family. That was a very difficult decision for me to make.

Like sent from above, I saw a link someone posted on Facebook, about George’s podcasts. I moved from there on to his website, where I saw that he offered to do Animal Communication even for people who weren’t able to pay him. My financial situation does not at all allow Animal Communication, but I took the chance and wrote to George and the next day he answered that he was ready and willing to help me. It was such a great gift. George is very talented and warm-hearted and spot on in everything he said. He immediately sensed the complex personality of the largest dog. And he is very complex. He sensed the small dogs totally opposite calm energy. 

He asked my dog if he would rather live with a different family where he could be more of a dog. The answer was NO and even if I got worse and could not move outside the house at all, he would rather be with me! I knew that we are very connected in our hearts, but needed to hear this so much. It was a big relief to know that they are happy and satisfied with their lives with me.

George suggested that I take a look in a local Facebook group, if someone who maybe misses their own dogs, would go for a walk with my dogs once in a while, so I could save some energy. I did that and found the sweetest stay-at-home mum, who is longing for a dog and she will take them out for walks once a week starting next week :) That is a huge help for me, and I thank George for this fantastic idea.


George is a very, very good and spot on Animal Communicator with a big warm heart and much love for animals and their humans. He has helped me tremendously even though he did not get payed at all and I cannot thank him enough!


I can highly recommend George, his great talent and loving soul


Thank you so much!


Leni - Denmark

I consulted George about my rescued pug Otis, who was exhibiting a new behaviour of standing and barking at nothing. He correctly assessed that it was because he is going blind and he is barking at shadows. This eased my mind greatly! Otis also told him he has been rescued by a family with children in it before he came to live with me (which was correct and they named him Otis). He told him he was very happy living with me where he could be independent and comfortable. Otis has a lot of health issues and George sensed that he had weak back legs which is true. I felt that George was truly communicating with Otis and assured me that he was happy in my home and with my other pug. He put my mind at ease as Otis is not the usual pug but a loner and I wanted him to know he was loved. He said Otis loves me and knows how much he is loved. Thank you, George. This was a special heart warming experience for me.

Leah L - Georgia, USA

I wish to thank you again for our wonderful chat and being there to translate Peoples' thoughts and feelings. 

It is a profound experience to get to hear what my feline relative feels and thinks. On several layers. 

Being in a transition, his well being is primordial and being able to know how he feels about it alleviates concerns and allows me to make a decision taking his feelings into consideration. 

It also deepens the relationship as it made me aware of how he understands me, loves me. 

I feel honoured and blessed to have had the opportunity to better understand him thanks to your translation. 

Amazia G - Miami, FL, USA

My consultation with George was about my fourteen year old dog Annabelle and anxiety. The communication with him gave me a sense of peace. I feel more equipped to help her deal with anxiety particularly when we go away. I know that she doesn’t understand why we go but I will use some of the techniques that he mentioned to help her to be more centred. I think that we often don’t trust that we can communicate with our own animals. George makes you realise that it is possible and that they understand many things, we just need to take the time to love and reassure them.

Linda C - New York, USA

My cat Pippin had been having some issues where he appeared to be upset and had started to eliminate at my front door instead of in his litter-box. George was able to communicate with him and let me know that there is something bothering him outside the door. I now have a place to work from, and have been trying to figure out how best to fix the situation. George was also able to accurately pick up on a certain peculiar habit that he has, which I found amusing to now have an explanation for. I highly recommend him to help, along with good veterinary care and treatment.

Thank you!

Jennifer B - USA

When I needed to enter aged care, I was unable to take Nicky, my small dog and companion of 9 years. She went to live with my daughter and her much larger dogs, but Nicky began to show antagonism toward the other dogs. 
George "worked" with Nicky on two occasions and found that she was concerned for my well-being and safety which she felt responsible for. After the first time my daughter noticed an immediate relaxation in Nicky, because George had explained to her that I was being well looked after. Further to that, George has told Nicky of my intended 3 day visit for Christmas and Nicky was noticeably excited at this. 
She has continued with her new understanding of my situation, and while closely attached to me when I visit, she is also at ease with the other dogs and family members. 
I am deeply grateful to George for his work and I strongly recommend his skill to others. 
Thank you George.


Thelma B - Berridale, NSW, Australia

I have four pet sheep who are very friendly, but recently I was given an adult farm sheep with a broken leg. Even after 6 months Bobs was no less afraid of me and wasn't bonding with the others. I have an affinity with animals and tried everything with kindness and patience, all to no avail with Bobs. In desperation I asked for George's help. I emailed a photo of Bobs and eagerly awaited the results.
One day soon after, I went to feed hay to the sheep as usual. I was amazed to find Bobs not only with the other sheep, but watching me with a totally different awareness and standing closer than ever before. 
I contacted George immediately, to discover that he had communicated with Bobs that very morning.
He told me that Bobs didn't realise that this was his "forever" home, that he was expecting to be handled roughly and moved elsewhere. So it was with this new trust and understanding that Bobs was able to relax his wariness and become part of the family.
I couldn't have reached this outcome without George's help.

Judi W - Jindabyne, NSW, Australia

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