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About Me

George Wright the Animal Communicator with Tasmanian Devil

I was born in Tasmania, Australia, into a unique animal loving family where my parents' built, owned and operated several of the biggest Wildlife Parks in Eastern Australia at the time.

My parents' love for animals sparked their desire to want to protect and conserve the environment and the animals that inhabit it. They noticed a disconnect modern people have with animals and they decided to build a place that not only taught people about wild animals but also assisted in conservation efforts. They noticed that when people would interact with animals, on leaving, they would have a new-found love and purpose for wanting to care about animals and the environment. 

I was born into this world where I slowly grew up alongside so many animal friends. What I considered a normal upbringing, like being very content sleeping in a small pen area with baby wombats so mum could keep an eye on all of us, or cuddling my Tasmanian Devil friend Moe (left) I soon learnt this was not a normal childhood at all!

Before the age of 6 we had moved three times through different states in Australia, always heavily involved with animals, either through operating Wildlife Parks or horse and carriage tours. 


As I grew up in this kind of environment I always saw the other animals as friends and remember how they played such a big part in my upbringing, where I could see humans and animals as different but still strangely the same.

We settled down in a rural area of New South Wales, Australia, where the family business was operating horse and carriage tours though one of Australia's wine regions. I was very involved with the horses, learning to ride at a very young age and always having countless horses on our property.  

After leaving high school I enrolled in a year-long Horse Care and Husbandry course. In doing this course I was introduced to a local Horse Whisperer. I approached him and asked if I could volunteer on weekends in exchange for him teaching me some of the amazing things he could do with horses. He agreed, and for about 2 years I worked every weekend at his place, cleaning horse stalls, fixing fences, moving hay and slowly learning a great deal more about horses... And myself.

This kind of working with animals in ways I had never seen other people doing before (including my parents!) was what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a Horse Whisperer and show there was another, more unified and totally more compassionate way to work with horses.

It was then I hit a huge hurdle. I was 20 at the time and I had very little people skills. I could train a horse, but then I would have to train the people to do what I was doing to get the same results from their horse.


Being so young in an industry dominated by old ideas and patterns, this was a terrible mix for me. Many times, I was simply laughed at or people would completely ignore what advice I had to share. I ended up giving the whole thing away.

Having lost my motivation for wanting to work with animals, my 20's became almost like a sort of pilgrimage in trying to find out who I was and what I wanted to do in the world. 


George Wright the Animal Communicator with clydestale horse

When I was around 28 and living on the opposite side of the country, I watched a now famous video about an Animal Communicator named Anna Breytenbach communicating with a black leopard. Very different from the more physical sided nature of horse whispering I was used too, I thought it was amazing and it brought me to tears. However, I quickly assumed that it was some special gift an amazingly talented person had, surely, I wasn't that special so I dismissed it.

About a year and a bit later I was spending a night with a long time close friend. He enjoys playing psychic games with a deck of cards, where you have to use your intuition to see if you can get any information about the card your friend is holding. I received a super clear image flash through my head, which was confirmed by my friend as information I had no possible way of knowing. Just like our ancestors hunting an animal and suddenly knowing which direction to go, without understanding where that knowing came from it was like a lightning bolt hit me and I too knew where to go! In that moment I realised that video I had watched about the lady communicating with the leopard was a complete possibility for me too!!  

I quickly began looking online for anything I could about Animal Communication, and soon realised this was not a special gift and in fact every person on the planet holds this ability, most have just lost or forgotten this type of intuitive communication. After some further digging I came across Nancy Windheart. I really enjoyed what she wrote and her sensitive, grounded style of speaking about animals and the work she does really resonated with me, in a way similar to the Horse Whisperer I worked with all those years ago. Over a 2 year period I completed all of Nancy's available courses and became certified under her very close guidance. 

I now happily reside in Jindabyne, the Alpine region of New South Wales, Australia, with my wife and large animal family. Connecting with animals and sharing that with other people is my biggest life passion and purpose, but I also love spending time outside in nature and really enjoy snow skiing, hiking and activities on the lake. Of course, I look forward to connecting with you too!


George Wright

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