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George Wright

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What does certification mean?

George is a skilled and gifted animal communicator who has a true heart and passion for helping humans and animals to better understand each other. He is a person of deep integrity, honesty, kindness, and openheartedness, and is able to hear and translate for the animals clearly and accurately. It has been a privilege and a joy to work with George in my Professional Animal Communication Training program, and I highly recommend him and his work.

I am very passionate about the work I do in the world. I have put all of my time, energy and focus into the art of Interspecies Communication so I can provide you with highly skilled Animal Communication consultations, workshops and retreats. I also offer personal mentoring for your very own Interspecies Communication journey. 

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Interspecies Communication can be beneficial to you and your animal friends for many different reasons, some include:

  • Behavioural problems or "misunderstandings"

  • Introduction of new animals

  • Greater understanding of your animals wants/needs/perspective

  • Preparation for holidays or vet visits

  • Alerting your animal to dangers like; roads, snakes, other animals etc

  • Illness support and veterinary assistance*

  • Change in family dynamics

  • Moving home

  • Assist in rescue and rehabilitation for animals with trauma

  • Healing trauma through greater understanding

  • Lost and missing animals

  • End of life discussion and your animals perspective on this

  • Animals in spirit and grief support                  

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If you manage or own an animal sanctuary or an animal rescue organisation in any shape or form, please contact me as I offer my services for free to assist those animals and people in need.

George Wright

Jindabyne, NSW 2627 Australia

+61 484 333 165  or  (209) 440-8009

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All my Interspecies Communication work and Consultations strictly abide to the Code of Ethics by Penelope Smith.

I value your privacy and right to confidentiality. I will never share your information with anyone without prior consent. Click here for my privacy policy. 

*I am not a trained veterinarian so do not treat or diagnose anything.